They said it was a known issue. Put a location in the nav, start the guidance and then mute the nav. You can also try sending a refresh signal on your Sirius account. How Powerful is 2021 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro? Software update eventually will fix that. Update 2/16/2018 @UConnectcares Tweeted for “customers experiencing repeated system rebooting: Uconnect … The only real glitch is it won’t keep the top screen memory when using he split screen. My 2019 ram rebel radio started rebooting also on July 22 I took to dealer for a flash it did not work I also am a pissed off ram owner if this is no resolved soon I’m going back to ford last 3 Ford I’ve owned never had one problem with anything. Gotcha. Can't wait for this to be fixed. Since this isn’t an active topic I’m feeling it is not common and our radios may have something wrong with them. I won't be pressing any buttons, just cruising down the road listening to something and the screen will go black, no audio its completely off. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Just received my truck back from dealer it took from July 26th to Aug 19th it was undrivable due to AC shutting off every 60 seconds for reboot and that when parked it still reboots every 60 sec until battery is dead the only fix is radio replacement and corporate refused to authorize it. So it appears to be fixed on my truck. This sounds like the same issue. Hi I have problems with the GPS in Uconnect 6.5. 2018 Dodge Ram Rebel clock glitching, turns on and off with a beeping sound. This is on a 2018 Tungsten Limited with 2973 miles on it. Timing regarding a permanent fix will be posted on @UConnectcares. Follow the steps below to Soft Reboot the system, not Hard Reboot it, as this way you will not lose other settings. I couldn't go for more than a minute without the reboot taking place prior to this morning. They can't get it to do it while they have it. On the last gen you could reboot the system by pressing in the tune and volume knobs simultaneously for around 10 seconds until the screen turned off. I timed it and it is almost exactly every 3 minutes that the radio will turn off, screen go completely black for a few seconds, then the Fiat logo come on, and the radio eventually comes on and resumes where it left off. Her affection for the Motor City comes naturally. Since SERIUS/XM is normally $15 per month I hope they fix this before I cancel them again. Navi works half the time and presets for the radio don't work, screen blacks out occasionally. Had 2018 Ram 1500 Bighorn since March 2018 first time hearing about a fix. I have been experiencing the same problems with my 2015 ram pickup. The car acted like it was just sucking dead but the red security light was blinking. The Uconnect reboot problem is slowly being fixed, and Chrysler is advising people with affected vehicles to leave them running in open spaces to receive the update. Then the Android Auto works. I can receive XM channels but my unit does not save favorite channels nor does it allow me to create profiles or listeners. Seems crazy not to have a way to restart/ reboot the Uconnect software. I just dropped off my 2013 Ram Laramie Longhorn this morning after first contacting Uconnect tech department over the last few weeks. Buying the new map update from Uconnect enables you to install it with your own MacBook, but you’ll need to be fairly tech savvy. my 2015 ram was invaded by uconnect which they described as a scheduled update...wasnt given opurtunity to accept or decline...after update nothing on radio or bluetooth said they would fix it for $150.00...only choice i have is to pay it and not buy a chrysler product again...adios ram, $150. A special thanks to the RamCares representative for working with me on this. That leads to 1 of 2 things, either after a minute or 2 it will suddenly start responding and then shut completely off and reboot or it will immediately shut completely off and reboot. Also, the phone itself recognizes Uconnect is connecting and goes into Android Auto. The radio either goes blank but backlit and nothing works, or it freezes where it's not a blank screen, but nothing will change, not stations, not volume levels, but no sound at all for 10 or so minutes, then it comes back to life. I do not have my phone paired with the system. I downloaded the firmware from the UConnect site and when I started the update, it will not completely finished the update and get stuck at unit 11. • Put the car into accessory mode by hitting the ignition button but without having your foot on the brakes. Nobody has a fix for this and its been occurring for months now what a joke. Turn the car off and start it back up again. So frustrated only 6912 miles on my truck. My 5.0 UConnect radio has always been a bit flaky. No regrets. Ended up going to the dealer. I’d suggest you send them a PM to open a case, too. Not sure if the 12" media center is ready for public enjoyment. Between not like the dial shifter and not looking the fancy first year stuff, what exactly attracted you to purchase an 19 Ram? You’ll have to do it every time you restart the truck. I can drive for a full commute to work, and it won't have any problems, and then an other commute can reboot 2-3 times. I do plan to throw a fit next time it happens. I had a used 2014 1500 Laramie that I absolutely loved, my first full sized truck. Another update. Was going to buy the new Ram Limited, but even with the lifetime warranty, everything is a fight to get competent service. gehhh, I find it a little surprising that XM immediately said "call FCA for a new unit". We are working as quickly as possible to get this resolved and we do apologize for the inconvenience. . John has consistently returned calls and will also talk owners through the update process. This turns on the accessory systems of the car. Mac wrote “On my way to work this morning the radio turned off and the Uconnect screen went black. Same thing is happening to my 2015 ram sport. lemon law? The dealer was not able to resolve the Uconnect Sirius XM issue. “I drove 35 minutes to work this morning and not one reboot took place. . I also checked the "Travel Link" and it seemed to be working and wasn't turned off. Porsche Has Over 1,900 Prototypes And Secret Development Vehicles Hidden In Weissach, Visit Torque News homepage for more stories. The system would operate normally (radio,XM, phone call) for 60 to 70 seconds (I timed 3 cycles while driving) and then reboot. If you've been driving for more than a couple of minutes and get a call though Uconnect, when the call is over you hear nothing. Works! They did a “Update” to the Uconnect and it started working again. It's been in 3 times so far, they replaced it with a refurb radio once, but it's still doing the same thing, EXCEPT at the shop. How do I soft reboot the uconnect 730? I had thought it was a SiriusXM issue because you get 5 years free with Uconnect. Dropped off at dealer they had it all day they said it will not take the new update now they claim they are getting a thumb drive that will take hours to download. When attempting to create an avatar for the profile it freezes or I get an error. It is a Panasonic radio that is faulty. I have no issue with taking it to the dealer, I'm just curious if anyone else is experiencing the issue and could it be resolved by resetting and starting the setup from scratch. Oh cool. NY dealership replaced entire unit .... eventually. We appreciate your patience.”. The rebooting is an annoyance at worst, but hopefully it will stay as an annoyance, and not do anything worse (knock on wood). $50'000 truck that is junk. I didn't get the fancy touch screen and or e-torque. Don't know if its something that Uconnect will be able to fix on their own, or if it will have to be taken into the dealership like hers was. When I turn on the car, the GPS location is correct but after some minutes the GPS gets inaccurte. Hold down the knobs for 10 – 20 seconds. They need to chose another radio manufacturer not Panasonic. Surprised you didn't go for a 2018 version, since it would have more of the bugs worked out...was that an option? It came back fine but after about a minute of working correctly it started to repeat this process and did so for the next 20 minutes until I shut the truck off at work. Or turn off the car and pull the uConnect fuse. 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Latest problems are ongoing with my local Florida dealership. It was an easy fix. The dealer wants me to bring it in but if it is something Which doesn’t have a fix for I may wait. Any thoughts. Love the truck hate Uconnect. This is the Uconnect® support page for Ram trucks and vehicles like the Ram 1500 & Ram 2500. Ext 302-0733. Checked my unit for any type of version number and the only thing I can find is a Navigation System Version # I have to reboot mine about once a month it seems. the dealer told me that the trucks are shipped with the radios in demo mode, and apparently having serious send a … I believe that that is bullshit and net SiriusXM is causing automatic reboots simply because I canceled my subscription. She said that since I have a case opened they'll contact me about the solution.”, Chris, from Connecticut, added, “It seems there was an over the air update that caused this last Friday. Apparently the updates to the Uconnect system are sent out randomly over the years. They found no issue, however, they “opened a case” with FCA and FCA reported to them that a software fix is coming in early Q1 2021. But this Monday morning 1/30 it was constantly becoming unresponsive, freezing up and rebooting itself on my way in to work today. Some 2018 Ram 1500 owners wondered if they would have trouble receiving the message that would fix the problem because their radios wouldn’t stay on long enough to download it. Issue always returns. I haven’t been to the dealer about it yet but maybe that’s next I spent an hour-and-a-half on the phone with both FCA Uconnect and Sirius XM. I have no complaints. I am hoping to figure it out before taking it in. I also have taken video. Within 4 days the stereo was back to rebooting. 3 minutes later, it will happen again. I am skeptical of both being its 1yrs release like many others. Went to the UConnect site and punched in my VIN and it says mine is up to date. Well not so much now! They can't say for certain but they think the fix will come across the vehicle automatically. Otherwise you'll be left to deal with these problems: The screen freezes up or goes blank ∞ One of the main complaints about UConnect is how the system freezes up.