What Is the Most Expensive Guitar in The World? 1. Colored diamonds are more expensive than white/clear diamonds because they are rarer. What makes it so valuable: Naturally red diamonds are the rarest diamonds known to man. The available ones are fancy purplish-red or brownish-red. It is the third-largest red diamond known to exist and the only red diamond on public display anywhere in the world. Holding the most expensive commodity in any line of products gives a certain kind of joy. Whether the nominees took home a golden statue or not Sunday, it was clear they all looked like winners upon arriving at the 92nd Academy Awards, rocking some of the most expensive jewels and acces… A cousin of emerald, aquamarine, and morganite, the red variety of beryl contains manganese, which imparts a bright red hue. In fact, according to the Cape Town Diamond Museum, only roughly 20 to 30 true red diamonds have been discovered, and the majority of them are less than 1/2 carat in weight. This diamond was named after its collector Warren Hancock who had bought the diamond for just $12,500 in 1956. What makes this mineral so expensive is its rarity and its beauty. Moussaieff Jewelers, from whence the diamond gets its name, estimate the gem’s value at around $20 million. Red Diamond is a diamond with the same mineral properties as colorless diamonds, displaying red color. Currently, it holds the Guinness World Record for the most extravagant and expensive undergarment ever crafted. Red diamonds are extremely rare. The diamond is considered to be the second-most visited piece of art in the world (behind the “Mona Lisa”). Most Expensive Meals Ever Around the World. ... Color works differently in diamond. 1. The most expensive mineral in the world is Jadeite, coming in at a whopping $3 million per carat. What is the most expensive gemstone in the world? 24.78-carat (4.956 g) A 24.78-carat Fancy Intense Pink diamond and, until the sale of the Sweet Josephine diamond in November 2015, it was the most expensive jewel ever sold at auction. This watch is made by Chopard. A ruby is a pink to blood-red coloured gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminium oxide).Other varieties of gem-quality corundum are called sapphires.Ruby is one of the traditional cardinal gems, together with amethyst, sapphire, emerald, and diamond. Pure red diamonds often cost in excess of $1 million per carat. Red Diamond Prices. In 1987, the first gem quality red diamond called the Hancock Red sold for over $926,000 per carat! The diamond was sold at Christie's Geneva Magnificent Jewels sale in May 2014 for about $23.8 million, breaking the world record for the world's most expensive blue diamond. The DeYoung Red Diamond is a modified round brilliant cut, with facets on the crown split horizontally. Google "the most expensive color in the world" and you’ll get a lot of information about diamonds. Today The DeYoung Red is on display at the Smithsonian, in a case that is occupied by some of the world's largest, rarest, and most valuable diamonds. If you think dropping $500,000 of an engagement ring is a big deal, then keep reading as you they continue to get even more expensive! As an example, this 0.71 Carat Fancy Red Diamond Radiant shape with a clarity grade of SI2 is priced at $603,600! Diamonds of the natural red colour gemmologists call purple-red. Originally discovered in the Golconda mines in India, the cushion-shaped diamond was named for Austria’s Archduke Joseph August, the great-grandson of a Roman emperor and a French king. Out of all the diamond color choices, a red diamond is the most expensive diamond color there is. The highest paid price per carat for a diamond up until 1980 was $127,000 for a 7.27 carat pink diamond. Most Expensive Diamond Color. The 8-carat pear-shaped engagement ring cost Cardi’s fiance a whopping $500,000! Previously owned by Harry Winston and an unnamed private collector, and … It was discovered in Brazil and a weight of a bit over 5 carats. The diamond is called Cullinan, according to the owner of the mine Sir Thomas Cullinan. The Moussaieff Red Diamond. The Collection of Ten Greatest Barns Ever. Below are some of the most expensive diamond watches in the world and their prices that will astonish you. Red diamonds are a purplish red in color so they ‘re not easily mistaken for rubies or garnets. If the color is too orangey or purplish, the ruby is less valuable.