If you are lucky, your goromo will grow into a real jewel. The first half adore their solid body that looks especially enchanting in the pretty koi pictures. In this article, I will share everything you need to know about the different types of koi fish known from around the world. The parents of the first showa to be ever bred were two different types of koi –  Kohaku koi fish and a Shiro Utsuri. … Tancho. Even to this day, this koi among, many other types of koi, remains a fan-favorite. A taki asagi has a supplementary scale formation between the red and blue fish markings. This variety is quite popular among koi keepers for its ease of maintaining the skin quality, while also being some of the more affordable Koi (excluding very high quality specimen). Here's our review of the top web resources that list types of koi fish. The tancho koi fish is certainly not a spotted koi except for a prominent hi fish markings on the koi head. Bekko. The Showa koi is a very strong contender for the top awards, it has given the Kohaku a run (swim) for its money a few times. One way of identifying the Showa is by seeing it as a black Koi with white and red. Koi may grow around 1 meter in length, and come in more metallic and sharply red colors than many types of goldfish. It’s just one of the many fish questions/answers they need to settle. Due to the high demand, you will rarely see a Kohaku koi fish for sale at a fish specialty store; however, if you do, do not miss the opportunity. Kohaku is considered the king of all koi fish. Other Showa varieties: Kanoko Showa / Hi Showa / Kage Hi Showa / Hirenaga Kin Showa / Hirenaga Tancho Showa / Ginrin Hi Showa / Doitsu Hi Showa / Doitsu Tancho Showa / Doitsu Tancho Kin Showa / Pearl Ginrin Showa. Older goshiki koi devoid of any coaxed mutations had dark red patterns and heavy reticulations on the koi scales. The taisho sanke koi fish is another non-metallic variety in the types of koi fish chart. If you are curious about the most expensive koi fish in the world, watch this short video. But it can wear off quickly, especially with catfish because they can grow very large and even start eating other fish! The blue, orange fish coloring is an unusual sight because of how contrasting the colors on the shusui fish seem when it swirls in the water. It is safe to say that a tancho koi fish is a Kohaku koi minus the markings on its body. How can I tell what types of koi I have? A koi fish displaying two or more colors on a metallic body is classified under the Hikarimoyo types of fish. However, due to their popularity and peculiar koi color patterns, they were soon given a separate place in the types of koi inventory. Other Taisho Sanke varieties: Kanoko Sanke / Kanoko Tancho Sanke / Doitsu Sanke / Ginrin Tancho Sanke / Pearl Ginrin Sanke / Pearl Ginrin Tancho Sanke / Hirenaga Doitsu Sanke / Hirenaga Tancho Sanke / Hirenaga Ginrin Tancho Sanke / Ginrin Goshiki Sanke / Yamato Nishiki / Tancho Yamato Nishiki / Tancho Heisei Nishiki. Soon there were more than a hundred types of koi in the Ojita City Market. Doitsu. The designs on the kikoryu never lead to similar patterns. A fifteen-year-old taisho sanke was added to the koi varieties chart. 17 févr. … Shusui. I’m Richy, the founder of AquariumStuffs. The Narumi Asagi koi is known to be the earliest among other types of koi that were first recognized as aquatic jewels. chinese goldfish. Types of Koi. The onlookers in koi display shows prefer the second type of fish markings on the Kohaku koi to be more desirable. They were especially desirable among German chefs because they were easy to prepare. Such features on an asagi koi fish are highly coveted among fish hobbyists. Before we get any deeper into the different types of koi fish, it is crucial to clearly understand the difference between the koi fish and their not-so-distant counterparts, the goldfish. Kohaku is the Japanese term for ‘Amber.’. Asagi Koi has a light blue color on the top, with red on the bottom half, or sometimes cream or yellow. These three Koi types tend to win the Grand Champion award of any Koi … If you don’t want to go through the hassle of maintaining natural aquatic plants, you can also purchase artificial pond plants that readily available on online stores such as amazon. As more years passed by, the Japanese farmers became obsessed with the different types of koi. Due to the limited production of the fish variety is a common reason why you wouldn’t see the ginrin koi as often at a koi vendor’s shop. Join our community, get tips and advice, and find out more about the wonderful world of life under the water! This black and white butterfly koi fish is a bundle of surprises as the patterns shift and alter proportionally to the koi fish’s growth. The highest grade version of asagi koi fish has a spotless white head with subtle grey undertones. Koi can live for a very long time! Love them or hate them, it is clear that the Doitsu type is a prominent characteristic in the koi world today. … Taisho Sanke. The largest koi recorded was 4 feet long and 90 lbs! Other Bekko varieties: Aka Bekko / Ginrin Bekko / Gin Shiro Bekko / Doitsu Gin Shiro Bekko / Ginrin Kage Shiro Bekko / Hirenaga Ginrin Shiro Bekko / Ki Bekko. But in a general context, they are considered tenacious beings, a gateway to wealth and abundance and a token of luck. your own Pins on Pinterest Expert on different breeds of koi, identify each type based on their fish markings, color patterns- the hi markings, the koi scale type, body type-metallic, or non-metallic, and fin type. Here we have some videos where the man himself, Taro Kodama explains the groups of Koi in further details. … Asagi. Its colors and patterns were an incredible discovery for the traditional koi rice farmers. He shared with me his passion and it has since become a passion of mine. There are over a hundred types of koi fish if you count all the types and subtypes in the koi varieties chart. Kikoryu was first bred as from kumonryu and platinum ogon. These fish are mainly harmless and docile and can safely introduce in the pond, among other types of koi. The long-fin carp was underrated when the emperor first laid his eyes on the koi fish during his visit to Indonesia. The koi scales are the striking features that determine the grade of the ginrin koi fish. The Kikokuryu received a lot of attention from the koi community when it was first introduced to the public. Pearl Gourami is a type of fish that belongs to the Anabantoidei or the Gourami family. The Koi varieties in the Hikarimoyomono classification have arisen from two sources. Some koi enthusiasts can be confused with differentiating between Showa and Sanke, as they both have the same three colors of red, black, and white. Other Utsurimono varieties: Hirenaga Hi Utsuri / Hirenaga Shiro Utsuri / Kage Gin Shiro Utsuri / Doitsu Ki Utsuri / Hirenaga Kin Ki Utsuri / Kage Ki Utsuri / Kage Kin Ki Utsuri. The body of a koi is longer and more cylindrical in proportion and shape than a goldfish, which has a more laterally compressed body with bigger fins. To quickly identify the Sanke (from Showa koi), think of this Koi as a white Koi with red and black colors. Types of Koi Fish. aquarium illustration. If you see excess sumi-black spots on the ai goromo koi, the adult koi will surely have unbalanced fish markings. It can also belong in the Hikari classification. But the koi fish originally came from the Aral Sea, the Caspian Sea, and China. Also known as Taisho Sanshoku, but most commonly called as Sanke to make things easier for everyone. Not too long ago, the goshiki koi were identified as a subtype of the kawarimono koi group. If the Koi fish you’re looking for is currently not available at Kodama Koi Farm’s website, let them know and you will be notified when they have it in their ponds.

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