They didn't want Daomingsi to forget Shan Cai to be with her. [18], "Jue Bu Neng Shi Qu Ni" ("Can't Lose You"), performed by F4, served as the series opening theme. CTS They hesitate at the same time, only to help a drunk Mei Zhuo to the toilet. hangs up the phone then without talking to her. She is touched and wishes to return to him. ), 4) Jian Hao - An engagement ceremony for Daomingsi and Shan Cai took place on a planet. ?Agreeing to work in the family business is another stupid ploy. Daomingsi is annoyed when he tries reminding him too often about his incidents with Shan Cai. Shan Cai accepts Feng's challenge to work in Daoming enterprise in order to help him regain his memory. [20] F4's "Yan Huo De Ji Jie" ("Season of Fireworks") was the ending theme. However, Daomingsi and Lei opposed to it and the war in business/love started between the 4 families. After work, they called him to give him support. He is strict but actually concerned over Xi Men. The plot invited tears but wouldn't this require the 4 to attach moustaches to look middle-aged? Daomingsi remembers everything upon seeing a ring at the bottom of the pool. DVD. Where has our Daomingsi gone to? Some even called up the station to threaten that they would boycott the serial if Daomingsi marries Ye Sha. Yan felt a pinch in his heart and had wished that the car been given to him instead as he would take good care of it. Scenes that cause sweet memories/heartaches/disapproval/complaints/rage/disappointment??? Filming was slow and he lost his temper but not on her. Yan felt betrayed. Qing He suggests all to go for a swim. 1. Before filming, she heard that he was a cool guy who would not initiate to talk. Only Yu Min was mysterious to keep to himself. His manager also found this remark surprising as he found the two chatting away in Spain. Meteor Garden was hugely successful and set Asian drama phenomenon in the country at that time. Meteor Garden. v) Ye Sha wanting to introduce him to her at the bakery on a few occasions but he doesn't turn up. Shan Cai stays with her when she copes with the harsh fact of Ye Sha being together with Daomingsi. The shooting was delayed continuously. Then she has to work part time to support her family and to raise money to place advertisements to search for him. Xue Er received the most complaints since day 1. He was lively, loved drawing sketches to make her laugh. He was too tired for not able to sleep for days and thus this affected his moods. [5] Meteor Garden II starred returning actors Barbie Hsu, Yan, Chou, Chu, and Wu with new addition Michelle Saram. After each scene, he would fold the clothes neatly and returned them to the clothes unit. He is professional and has high demands on himself but he isn't temperamental, as she has never seen him cry. Author of Hana Yori Dango, Yoko Kamio gave Cai the exclusive rights to take the characters beyond the plot of the manga in Meteor Garden 2. Yu Min hinted that he wanted a normal life after citing that Yan was so restless that he had to be on a full packet of drip per day. Preceded by It is a sad scene where he sits alone with flowers in a suit but the doors close on him. Daomingsi behaved like a tame rabbit/retarded child and lost his glamour. Meteor Garden II Chinese Series Vic Chou. Mi Mi - Lai Ya Yan Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Only a few disliked Ye Sha. I don't understand myself. Lei does so much for Shan Cai - lying about buying the car from her father as he takes the car to go for a spin with her mother, consoling her when Daomingsi is missing in Spain, staying with her at the village when she is coping with grief. He hits off with the 3 within a short time. They walk in opposite directions and don't notice the meteor shower which comes at this time! 9. But she was willing to give the filming unit a chance to adjust. Teng Tang Jing - Qian Wei Shan Now many Taiwan's heavyweights would perform in this second series, making it one of the talk-of-town TV dramas this year. Daomingsi to lose his memory. She didn't care much about the commission but wanted to finish the work early. Filming was so tough for this one and they would be mad to accept the next assignment. But after saving him from the pool from drowning, she can't conceal her love for him anymore. 29 Followers 29 Followers. He becomes a waiter but can't cook. She locks him up and wants him to inherit the family business. She was English educated and only surfed English websites. If Cai isn't ready, she should not give all fans disappointment. Meteor Garden is the classic love story; rich boy (Dao Ming Si) falls for poor girl (Shan Cai) and obstacles ensue. 4.2 out of 5 stars 17. In Taiwan, 800,000 viewers complained about Xue Er being the third party. I am not a devoted Shan Cai/Daomingsi fan so it doesn't matter to me if they don't get together. She had discussed with Cai and felt it was better without a sequel. My advice - only watch Meteor Garden and avoid this one. This part is not in the serial as well. Both songs were included on the soundtrack released on December 18, 2002. I still dislike his wooden expression and the "plastic' way that he delivers his lines. He can move out of his palace to live in a shack next to her to protect her when a burglar tried to break into her home. With Barbie Hsu, Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Ken Zhu. To bail Ah De, he wants the ring in return. After showing the first episode, CTV claimed that they were having the top viewership for this drama among the 3 stations. Luckily, Cai had sincere chats with her for half a month. 13. All in all, I DID enjoy this second season of Meteor Garden. [9] Shooting for Meteor Garden II commenced in April 2002. Lei promised him at his grave that he would treat her well. Taiwan Shooting for Meteor Garden II commenced in April 2002. This character only requires her to smile so it is hard to gauge her acting. In the serial, she finds a match in her blood cells in Budan and survives. She tries to bring Daomingsi home after he loses his memory. Meteor Garden II Original Soundtrack (香港盤) [CD + VCD] $29.99 + $3.99 shipping . Since Meteor Garden II wrapped in 2002, the first live action Dao Ming Si has gone to release three Mandopop albums (the first of which bagged two awards) and star in multiple films and TV series. One fan could say so harshly that she must be a rock/a piece of wood/granite valley in her pastlife. "Jue Bu Neng Shi Qu Ni" by F4 Teacher Liang is shocked to see Daomingsi serving him and is uneasy over the change. This is madness! They flew to Spain, rented a President's suite for Shan Cai and Daomingsi's intimate moments. Xi Men's only consolation is that Xiao You returns to him in the end. But before leaving for Spain, the four penny-wise guys cut up their credit cards so as not to go on spending sprees. To her, Jian Hao was caring and independent while Xiao Tian worked very hard. What a waste! He likes sleeping in a comfortable place but this time round, he can sleep anywhere! He isn't discouraged and insists of going ahead with his plan. Xi Men treated her as a daughter but Lei was interested in her to transfer all his love on Shan Cai to her. 2 offers from $41.72. Comic Ritz International Production Daomingsi comes to look for Shan Cai at the village. Foreword Wang Ming Tai I miss the old cast - why no more Xiao You? Xi Men and Mei Zhuo have wanted to seek Daomingsi out but the last few numbers of the contact handphone is unclear because Shan Cai's parents accidentally dirty the newspaper. Finally he is relieved when Mr Xi Men assures him that he has done things that he deems correct. I still think that Wei Shan is quite raw in her acting. Ye Sha and Daomingsi do match in looks but the process of him liking her is not convincing to me. Ye Sha uses her looks to seduce him to give her the key. F4's wish after filming was completed - to have a good sleep. Please, the last thing we want is reality and a doormat for a boyfriend. Even Daomingsi and Shan Cai help him in the kitchen to make it a success. With no love rival, she lived alone till the end. Sharon Mao Producers Xue Er also lost her handphone to a thief thus lost all her friends' telephone numbers. His daughter even wanted him to get an autograph from them. Can you remember Zong Zhe - Xiao You's ex boyfriend who cheats her of her feelings so Daomingsi boxes him? There is a part when all find it similar to "beauty or beast' when Zhen tries to get secret information from her father's laptop - Xi Men does it in here too. I don't know why do many sequels turn out this way. If not, he would turn old, ugly and also became a mute. Shan Cai gives Daomingsi the box of memories that they share but he shows her the things that he shares with Ye Sha. They are arrogant and rude to cut the principals' speech to demand for their graduation scroll. Title card Country Comedian, Peng Qia Qia was asked to act as the principal. She shines here as in "meteor garden'. She finds his warm smile attractive. Shan Cai's father is working in a car purchasing firm. Mr Xi Men is angry and thus goes out with different women. The two suggest to him to use different combinations to make the call. In the book, Feng is power hungry and collaborates with Mr Xi Men to ruin Mei Zhuo's company. RUNAWAY - Original Soundtrack, 1985 CD Japan, VCD 47221,Tom Selleck, Goldsmith. Books shelved as meteor-garden: Boys Over Flowers: Hana Yori Dango, Vol. Daomingsi has been brainwashed totally. Although Budan has lost its influence in some way, she doesn't mind it. Feng loses the company control in the book but this is not mentioned in the serial. Meizuo and Ximen's side stories are addressed and completed, something I thought was sadly lacking elsewhere. Even with all the variations from the manga, it still followed the same plot and conflicts. But her wig can be so fake to pile up so high on her head. Xiao Qiao chooses to go through thick and thin with him. When asked what was the biggest benefit of this trip, he replied that having a helicopter trip was an unforgettable experience. There are wordings made by F4 fans on the road - F4 don't leave! The Glow Up Curated by Viki. He was amused - Daomingsi's home was so glamourous and the first episode of Part 2 had F4 receiving their scrolls after alighting from a helicopter. Daomingsi took care of her. Later, they have 4 helicopters which are named F4 to let go of flower petals fro m the sky. But Xue Er is really bad. F3 sneer at his wild idea and condemns it. Using Daomingsi to lose his memory is such a lame excuse. Daomingsi is unhappy that Ye Sha has changed to an unfriendly person, not wanting to go to Xi Men's party with him. After this serial, she had many offers but she turned down because all wanted her to act as mothers and she wasn't in good health! Directors An ordinary girl is admitted to the most prestigious school in the country where she encounters F4, an exclusive group comprised of the four wealthiest and handsomest boys in the school - Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men and Mei Zuo. However, many envy her to work with F4. Especially when he is rich now. She is like a fire in the darkness and it is so hard not to notice her. I feel sorry that she has thrown a valuable chance away as F4 has decided not to act together after this and Part 2 is a stop to it. It is obvious that he still remembers martial arts and knows how to protect himself. Daomingsi's father is so angry that he removes her duties from the company - good for all of us! She is Budan's princess and is very protective towards her freedom. Angie Chai The scene where he kisses her to console her under the banana tree is so sweet - causing anger and jealousy to Daomingsi who comes for her!

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