The below are Gorilla Grodd's costumes from Injustice 2 offered since release. Later, he instigates the Flash's Rogues Gallery, breaking them out of jail to distract the Flash after transferring his mind to that of Freddy, a gorilla in a zoo. As a gorilla, Grodd possessed strength and stamina much greater than that of even the strongest normal human being. Brand New. Grodd is assumed killed when an icicle fell into him. Gorilla Grodd is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, primarily as an enemy of The Flash. Bigthecat= Gorilla Grodd vs Winston is a What-If? Imaginext Cyborg + Superman Battle Gorilla Grodd Imaginext by HobbyKidsTV. Being of noble blood King Grodd is tougher, stronger, quicker and far more physically and mentally dynamic than other members of his evolved species. Grodd has made no fewer than eighteen attempts to eliminate all traces of humanity from the face of the Earth. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Others 4 Discussions Gorila Grodd is a telepathic gorilla and an enemy of the Flash. 5:32. whereas Gorilla Grodd’s first movie is still unannounced, but don't worry Gorilla Grodd fans, with movies based on superheroes and supervillians being a big success, we might get to see a movie based on Gorilla Grodd pretty soon. Thanks to his time trapped within the force dimension, however, Grodd gained an even greater acceleration of his development; not only retaining his previous abilities of bolstered strength and super speed, but also accelerating his developmental process, granting him telepathy much like what his species' elders grow into with age, as well as telekinesis which is unique to him. Superman vs Gorilla Grodd Comparison. Grodd and fellow gorilla Solovar also developed telepathic and telekinetic powers. Gorilla Grodd is an evil hyper intelligent gorilla who seeks to take over the world. $39.00. Superhero battle match: Gorilla Grodd versus Superman (Injustice). Gorilla Grodd is capable of taking control of people's minds forcing them to do his bidding. Gorilla Grodd is a hyper-intelligent telepathic gorilla able to control the minds of others. In recent issues he has shown the ability to absorb intelligence through the consumption of human brains. Gorilla Grodd is an evil hyper intelligent gorilla who seeks to take over the world. Browse more videos. Using his intellect and telepathy Grodd enlists others in his mission to conquer the planet and fill void of power left by Superman’s Regime. Playing next. [13], In the JLA Classified story arc, Grodd and his forces attack the Ultramarine Corps. He is a super-intelligent gorilla with telepathic abilities who desires to conquer the world. Home. To compare more about Superman vs Gorilla Grodd, keep reading. The DC antagonist is so beloved, fans … Female Superheroes + ... Madame Xanadu. 12-07-2020, 07:59 AM #4. 76026 Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas is a 347 piece DC Universe Super Heroes set released in January 2015. Armored Characters + Spiderman. Grodd is way smarter and more inteligent than Spidey. Grodd's psionic abilities allow him to place other beings under his mental control and transfer his consciousness into other bodies. Oct 13, 2016 - Explore Javier Perez's board "Gorilla Grodd", followed by 4645 people on Pinterest. Gorilla Grodd is arguably the Flash's most iconic villain. ” Gorilla Grodd appears as a cameo character on Stryker's Island in the first game. He brainwashes some villains into helping him steal some banana crates only to be defeated by the Justice League. He hopes to endanger all the humans' lives, but this plan backfires because some of the pets are too loyal to their humans. After easily stopping the Flash, Grodd experiences a side effect that removes his new powers. In this series, Grodd defeats Kalibak, the son of Darkseid, in a hand-to-hand grudge brawl, but is later defeated by Captain Comet who is able to repel Grodd's mental energy. 4:03. First scenario: standard arena Second scenario: Speed equalized Grodd gets a legion flight ring Would Nu 52 Grodd be much different? The ones who played Gorilla Grodd are Not Yet Appeared. Thanks to Solovar, the Flash learns of Grodd's escape. Gorilla Grodd has a cameo appearance in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, voiced by Brian George (although his only line was "No!"). 1 Description 2 Minifigures Included 3 Gallery 4 Sources Gorilla GroddCaptain ColdThe FlashWonder WomanBatmanTruck Driver Add a photo to this gallery … ... @heatblaze123: I think Grodd taking hits from superman level beings is them holding back. Today, we bring anyone who would dare stand against us... to their knees!" 1 History 1.1 Origin 2 Powers and Abilities 3 Equipment 3.1 Weapons 4 Notes 5 Trivia 6 See Also 7 In Other Media 8 Links General Silverback was one of the Gorillas in Gorilla City, loyal to Grodd. [12], In Birds of Prey, Grodd makes a deal with Grimm to get Blockbuster an ape heart. He has been a member of the Anti-Justice League, the Secret Society of Super-Villains, the Injustice League, the Simian Scarlet and Tartarus. His plans are shattered by the sudden appearance of Titano and Ambush Bug waking from a nightmare. He also uses large laser guns. Telepathic brute Gorilla Grodd has long sought to prove his peerless genius by subjugating mankind. Follow 3424. Compare Superman vs Gorilla Grodd real name and family and other exciting information. This is in conflict with Martian Manhunter Annual #2 (1999), which states that Simeon is Grodd's brother. [32] Establishing his connection to the Speed Force and strengthening his formidable psionic abilities once again. The actors who played Superman are Brandon Ruth, Christopher Reeve and Henry Cavill. Disadvantages: Gorilla Grodd loser Smarter; Less Durable; Telekinesis; Telepathy; Superman and The Flash could defeat him; Ability to read minds didn't stop him from being manipulated by The Joker; Boomstick: Gorilla Grodd will never mind his victory, The Hulk takes the victory! Aren't you keen on getting Superman vs Gorilla Grodd comparison on the basis of names of artists who portrayed these famous characters? Superman - The Rise Of Gorilla Grodd. The Adversary. Report. He is a freedom fighter from a militaristic ape nation. Zovelnqc. Superman: Superman "How does Batman tolerate you?" Crescentknight. Gorilla Grodd then attempted many schemes against Wally West just as he did with his mentor Barry Allen. The second Flash Barry Allen first came into conflict with Grodd in the early days of his career as a Super-Hero. However, Supergirl was eventually able to fight off Grodd's influence, allowing her to oppose Grodd until the sun was restored. He also appeared on the third season of Legends of Tomorrow. Gorilla Grodd vs Sabretooth john_doe_0897. He found that he still had some followers among the ape army and would eventually slaughter most of the elders, saving one needed for his invasion plans. Deadshot: Deadshot "How do you not see the irony?" Grodd is a proud and arrogant being, willing that he and his team can convert the world and that he is superior. This includes any alternate costumes, game edition costumes, and the god and demon shader packs. Note that he is wearing his base armor in each picture. The special powers of Superman are Flight, Healing, Heat vision, Kryptonian, Longevity and Solar radiation and the distinct powers that make Gorilla Grodd powerful are Animal control, Blast power, Hypnosis, Invulnerability and Voice-induced manipulation. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Hulk 4 Gorilla Grodd 5 Pre Death Battle 6 Death Battle 7 Poll 7.1 Result They acquired their powers thanks to a lab experiment, resulting in them becoming either a monster of pure strength and a monster with psychic abilities respectfully, which one will be better if one wins? Superhero battle match: Superman Blue versus Gorilla Grodd. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Others 4 Discussions Gorila Grodd is a telepathic gorilla and an enemy of the Flash. Telepathic brute, Gorilla Grodd, has long sought to prove his peerless genius by subjugating mankind. We provide you a sorted Superman vs Gorilla Grodd games list. [10] He has since recovered, and a failed attempt to set up a base in Florida leads to his capture and incarceration in Iron Heights. ... Gorilla Grodd: "There were three errors in that statement!" Gorilla Grodd is a highly intelligent ape with extraordinary mental power. These powers along with his strength and ferocious animal nature make him a lethal threat to all who oppose him. Gorilla Grodd appears in Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise, voiced by Clancy Brown. Gorilla Grodd appears in the web series DC Super Hero Girls, with John DiMaggio reprising his role from Batman: The Brave and the Bold. [39] He is a playable character in the game's sequel, Injustice 2. ", even Superman." 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. See the new photos and details after the jump. Looking for a proper Superman Gorilla Grodd Comparison?We know lots about All Superheroes and Super Villains but when it comes to choose the best from the lot, we are in a fix. The physical abilities of Superman are Stealth and Unarmed combat and that of Gorilla Grodd are Unarmed combat. [24] Grodd returns and attacks Central City with an army of gorilla soldiers searching for payback against The Messenger. DC Universe Classics Gorilla Grodd Wave 2 Superman Red DCUC. Note that he is wearing his base armor in each picture. Labs' supervision but the experiments ended when Eiling tortured Grodd. Playing next. Grodd's plans are defeated by the Flash, assisted by the Pied Piper, Vixen and Rex the Wonder Dog. We are providing you a comparison table where you can compare Superman vs Gorilla Grodd abilities & powers. In his first Pre-Crisis appearance, he met the Flash while searching for Solovar (who had been imprisoned) during a trip to the human world. [31] Via direct ingestion of The Light's energies, he gains enhanced speed and further augmented dynamism, enabling him to not just effortlessly keep up with, but outright overpower Flash in a straightforward fight, although this augmentation was short-lived as the speed force batteries he drained to get his jump were a finite source, causing him to shrivel and weaken over time. In addition, he possessed a hyper-developed brain, and was one of the most intelligent beings on Earth. In the New 52 reboot of DC continuity, Grodd, like all the super apes of Gorilla City, gained their powers from The Light; the gorillas' identifying term for Flash's Speed Force, the very embodiment of which represents relative space and time. 12-07 ... barring the Spectre, made everyone else generally gasp and go "Doctor Fate don't shiv, he balls nasty. Gorilla Grodd uses a mind-control device to obtain isotopes that will help destroy Gorilla City. Grodd has superhuman strength and durability far greater than ordinary gorillas and he has enhanced senses which allows him to hold his own against the Flash. Grodd has most of the citizens they are protecting killed. One of Grodd's widest-ranging schemes was to arrange Solovar's assassination and manipulate Gorilla City into war against humanity, with the aid of a "shadow cabinet" of prominent gorillas called Simian Scarlet. He made his debut as a playable character and the secondary antagonist of Injustice 2. Superman is able to battle past the guards and get the jewels. DC vs … For more comparison of movies, you can visit Superman vs Gorilla Grodd Movies List. Gorilla Grodd, brandishing several new powers courtesy of The Light, proceeds to take control of Central City as its king and renames it Grodd City. [36], In the Flashpoint timeline, Gorilla Grodd has succeeded in overthrowing Solovar and taken over Gorilla City. Gorilla Grodd vs Darkseid - Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Spidey with his Spider sense and reflex CAN't DODGE Grodd's mind controll. [19] He is sent to apprehend Snapper Carr and Cheetah, but fails. He has been a member of many villainous organizations and has battled both Barry Allen and Wally West. Solovar, an ape from the hidden Gorilla City, was pretending to be a regular gorilla in the Central City Zoo, when he contacted the Fl… Before he begin the pr He possesses great superhuman strength far exceeding that of an ordinary gorilla. However, Grodd's strength, while superhuman, was no match for powerhouses such as Superman, who was capable of flicking Grodd the length of a football field with one finger. While he had already encountered criminals like Captain Cold and the Weather Wizard, Grodd was on another level compared to the villains he had encountered before. He boasts enhanced gorilla strength, enough to easily rend flesh from bone, pick up and/or smash cars and injure Flash through his speed aura, being durable enough to resist supersonic punches from the Flash, rip his way out of barbed wire unharmed and even survive impacts from a charging mammoth affected by the speed force. During the Final Night, Grodd attempted to use a mystical talisman called the Heart of Darkness (normally effective only in eclipses) that brought out the 'inner beast' of humans, turning the population of the town of Leesburg into feral monsters, including Supergirl. In the Justice League of America Wedding Special, Gorilla Grodd is among the villains seen as members of the Injustice League Unlimited. He is one of the two main antagonists of the Flash series alongside Professor Zoom. [22], The Flash is hailed as a messenger spoken of in gorilla prophecy by all but Grodd who sees the interloper as a threat to his ascension and designs for world conquest. Ultraboy. Apart from movies and TV series, many characters have started appearing in various games formats as well. You need not worry anymore as we are providing you with the most reliable information about Superman vs Gorilla Grodd powers, enemies, key facts and much more. Tempest later leads a rescue mission to save Omen from Savage. Did you know Superman's first movie is Superman And The Mole Men (1951). Since he is defeated by the Flash with his plans of controlling the Speed Force foiled, he is been recruited by Lex Luthor who promised him incredible power to paralyze people's movements called "The Still Force" which was released due to the shattering of the Source Wall. He was attacked by a gang known as the Vultures. Marvel-Northstar. Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery As we are talking about the physical powers of super characters, you can also check out the Characters with Super Human Strength. Gorilla Grodd appears on The CW's The Flash, voiced by David Sobolov.This version was a test subject for General Wade Eiling's experiments in developing psychic abilities for interrogation under S.T.A.R. Gorilla Grodd is a hyper-intelligent ape from Gorilla City, and one of the Flash’s main villains. He is also very confident of his power, believing himself superior to anyone and also shows treachery because he admits that he will betray Brainiac. Ironically, Grodd, despite using radiation to negate the Flash's speed, is defeated by the gorilla's mate when she hears him mention another gorilla. Who will win in a fight between Superman Blue and Gorilla Grodd? He was an average ape until an alien spacecraft (retconned from a radioactive meteor which also empowered Hector Hammond) crashed in Grodd's African home. Solovar breaks out of the cage and tells the Flash. Bigthecat= Gorilla Grodd vs Winston is a What-If? Gorilla Grodd makes a brief appearance in Injustice: Gods Among Us's prequel comic, in which during the Justice League's manhunt for Mirror Master, Grodd is one of the villains interrogated by Shazam. Whereas when we confess about the games list of Gorilla Grodd that supports PS4, will include famous games like DC Universe Online (2011) and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (2014).The games supporting Xbox format for Superman, are Justice League Heroes (2006), Superman Returns (2006) and Superman: The Man Of Steel (2002).On the other hand when we press the list of games of Gorilla Grodd compatible with Xbox platform, are Justice League Heroes (2006). It features Grodd from DC Comics, battling Winston from the 2016 game Overwatch. Grodd brought them to Gorilla City and locked them in cages, without informing Solovar. Spiderman. Free shipping. Watch; DC Universe Classics Gorilla Grodd Series Aquaman Action Figure #2 [Long Hair] Brand New. The plan worked as Barry, Cisco, Caitlin and Julian Albert came to save Wells, only to get captured by Grodd and other gorillas. He was originally a normal ape who lived in an African city known as Gorilla City, until a radioactive meteor struck near his home and turned him into a genius with telekinetic powers. But after he turns back, he loses this power as his brain is not evolved enough; in later stories, however, Grodd has been seen using both his psionic attributes openly without the need of accelerated evolution. Compare them here! Along with the powers, there are certain abilities that distinguish the character from the rest of superheroes and supervillains. It includes Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, and a Truck Driver. This process increases Grodd's intelligence, bestowing him with a super genius IQ on top of whatever memories his vanquished enemies had as well as any abilities they might have possessed. One of them commented on how their member Iggo had the strength of a gorilla, which reminded Grodd of his true form. He was designed to be the polar opposite of Superman; while Superman is a hero with superhuman strength, Ultra-Humanite is a criminal mastermind who has a crippled body but a highly advanced intellect. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Gorilla Grodd 4 Winston 5 Pre-DEATH BATTLE 6 DEATH BATTLE! episode of Death Battle. Stigmazilla. [34] Now acting as a crucible to channel the infant Turtles Still Force powers, Grodd can now use that same hidden energy to further bolster his telepathy as well as sap energy from other Speed Force conduits. Report. Led by the alien, the gorillas constructed the super-advanced Gorilla City. @spiderman100: Peter can't outsmart Gorilla Grodd. Ages: 4 years and up. In Season One, he gets exposed to Eobard … He soon begins to feel bored by his accomplishments since they prove far too easy for him and often lets his enemies live, hoping for them to become greater challenges in the future. Gorilla Grodd was The Flash's enemy from Gorilla City, a city in the jungles of Africa populated by intelligent gorillas. Inhibiting their ability of rapid motion to an unknown extent on top of grinding universal expansion to a standstill using its power over entropy. Batman has 8 weeks of prep (Initially thought of giving him 12 weeks but that might be borderline spite against Gorilla Grodd). The Flash finds out from Solovar where Grodd has escaped to and destroys the machine. Brand New. Super Breath, Super human hearing, Super human speed, Super human stamina, Super human strength, Super smell, Super vision, Superhuman Equilibrium, Super human agility, Super human hearing, Super human stamina, Super human strength, Genius level intellect, Indomitable will, Investigation, Leadership, Vulnerability to Kryptonite, Lead, Red sun, Man Of Steel (2013), Superman Returns (2006), Superman(1978), Superman II (1980), Superman III (1983), Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (1987), Batman: the dark knight returns, part 1 (2012), Jla adventures: trapped in time (2014), Justice league: the flashpoint paradox (2013), Justice league: war (2014), Superman: unbound (2013), The lego movie (2014), Dc super friends (2010), Jla adventures: trapped in time (2014), Justice league: doom (2012), Justice league: the new frontier (2008), Superman/batman: apocalypse (2010), Superman/batman: public enemies (2009), Superman: requiem (2011), Injustice: gods among us (2013), Lego batman 2: DC super heroes (2012), Lego batman 3: beyond gotham (2014), Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (2008), Superman returns (2006), Young justice: legacy (2013), Lego batman 2: DC super heroes (2012), Lego batman 3: beyond gotham (2014), DC universe online (2011), Injustice: gods among us (2013), Lego batman 2: DC super heroes (2012), Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (2008), Young justice: legacy (2013), DC universe online (2011), Lego batman 2: DC super heroes (2012), Lego batman 3: beyond gotham (2014), DC Universe Online (2014), Infinite Crisis (2015), Injustice: gods among us (2013), Lego batman 2: DC super heroes (2012), Lego batman 3: beyond gotham (2014), Young justice: legacy (2013), Flight, Healing, Heat vision, Kryptonian, Longevity, Solar radiation, Animal control, Blast power, Hypnosis, Invulnerability, Voice-induced Manipulation, Clark Joseph Kent, Commander El, Gangbuster, Nightwing, Superboy, William Dawson, Drew Drowden, General Grodd, Grodd of War, Brandon ruth, Christopher reeve, Henry cavill, Vulnerability to chi, Vulnerability to magic, Superman, Champion of the Oppressed (1938), Reporter for the Daily Planet and novelist, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Justice league: part one (2017), Justice league: part two (2019), Justice league: throne of atlantis (2015), Justice league heroes (2006), Superman returns (2006), Superman: the man of steel (2002), DC universe online (2011), Injustice: gods among us (2013), Lego batman 3: beyond gotham (2014), DC universe online (2011), Lego batman 3: beyond gotham (2014), Justice league heroes (2006), Superman returns (2006), Superman: shadow of apokolips (2002), Injustice: gods among us (2013), Lego batman 2: DC super heroes (2012), Lego batman 3: beyond gotham (2014). Ultra_Sonic. ",, SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show, The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians,, DC Comics characters with superhuman strength, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Drew Drowden, William Dawson (when in human forms), Gorilla Grodd appears in the TV series set in the, Grodd, unrelated to the Arrowverse's version, made a cameo appearance in the fourth episode of The CW's, Gorilla Grodd later appeared in the 1980s, Kevin Michael Richardson reprises his role as Gorilla Grodd in, Gorilla Grodd appears as a playable character in, Gorilla Grodd appears as a main character in, Gorilla Grodd makes a cameo appearance in, Gorilla Grodd appears as an antagonist and a playable character in, Gorilla Grodd appears in the direct-to-video, Gorilla Grodd appeared in issue #18 of the comic book tie-in to, This page was last edited on 19 January 2021, at 13:15. Born in Gorilla City, he gained his powers through exposure to a meteorite that also affected the heroic King Solovar. He is also ruthless, sadistic, merciless and manipulative, willing to enslave anyone who dares try to stop him. His arch-nemesis is The Flash. Grodd probed Solovar's mind to find the secret of mind control so he could control Gorilla City, using its inhabitants to take over the world. The below are Gorilla Grodd's costumes from Injustice 2 offered since release. See the new photos and details after the jump. Spider-ManVSGorilla Grodd RulesPre flashpoint GroddNo TK or TPIn characterWin by any meansThere are 2 rounds:Standard gear for spider-manPhysical batt [3] The gorillas lived in peace until their home was discovered by explorers. [11], He is responsible for Hunter Zolomon's crippling, resulting in the man's transformation into the villainous Zoom after trying to change the event to never have happened. Grodd joins Tartarus on their mission to synthesize the immortal blood of the H.I.V.E. [21] The Flash (Barry Allen) first encounters Gorilla Grodd after a trip through the Speed Force which strands him in their hidden community, all of which just shortly after Grodd has been newly crowned as gorilla king after killing his father and consuming his mind. For those wondering the three errors are that Grodd is definitely not dumb, he's not a monkey, and Beetle most likely can't handle him alone. Cyborg: Cyborg "Hmph. Enemies: The Flash Family, the Rogues, Solovar, Rex the Wonder Dog "Injustice: Gods Among Us Chapter 8" (Digital Release March 5, 2013), Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League, Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise, Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom, Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame, "The Flash: Grodd Friended Me Synopsis Released",, "ニンジャバットマン BATMAN NINJA公式サイト【2018年6月15日(金) 劇場公開】", "Batman Ninja Anime's English Trailer Reveals Dub Cast, Home Video Release", "May seem like a stupid question but who do you voice in the game? In one story, Grodd either gains or strengthens his already vast psychokinetic abilities via ingesting a pill he develops after evolving himself into a human, enabling him to control the forces of nature. DC vs … Grodd watching Flash vs Solovar. [28], For a brief time, Grodd's connection to the light had dimmed due to an infraction of clashing timelines, but he would again regain his abilities after having siphoned the lion's share of Barry Allen's speed force abilities after contracting a fatal illness. Mojo Jojo vs Gorilla Grodd, month of prep for both. Follow. Curtis stops Ultra from pulling the lever that will destroy the city.

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