#AUTuni Bachelor of Construction Engineering (honours) student Dhia ... Ugla has been kept busy over the summer break working as a civil engineering intern for City Rail Link The City Rail Link is the largest infrastructure project ever to be undertaken in New Zealand. You can access all lecture theatres, classrooms, buildings and most toilets at AUT by wheelchair. Bright Side focuses on exploring self-knowledge, how to have authentic relationships and what a life with meaning and purpose looks like. More information Shuttle buses have free wifi, ramps for wheelchair users, and provide schedule updates to passengers. More information We strongly encourage schools to do this, using past test papers if they wish." You can find car park locations on our campus maps – check the campus pages listed above. Summer School (15 Nov 2021 - 20 Feb 2022) is the perfect opportunity to pick up a few extra papers and finish your degree faster. 12 March 2021. Faculty of Culture and Society, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law and Te Ara Poutama, Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies and Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences and Faculty of Culture and Society, Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Culture and Society, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law and Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies. Summer School is a great chance to take on some extra papers and get a head start on 2021. Check out the sessions in your app or in the event schedules above. AUT has three campuses around Auckland – in the city, on the North Shore, and in Manukau. ARDN718 Special Topic. Summer School 2020/2021 Courses. There are lots of things to see and do between your Orientation sessions, so make sure you get out and explore (if you have the time): Our student ambassadors are on campus to help you find your way, answer questions and pass on some friendly advice. All students can get Microsoft Office 365 for free for the duration of their studies at AUT. This school offers 29 summer courses. Guide dogs and support dogs are welcome on campus. Browse our summer school courses by study area below. The exams regulator Ofqual has finally revealed its plans for replacing exams this summer. ICT Service Desk staff are at Tech Central on each campus: City Campus: WA4North Campus: AL125South Campus: MA2. Pānui tonu | Read more Summer School at different alert levels. Tertiary concession info, eligibility and how to apply. AUCKLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND. More information Thesislink offers research advice as well as a place to connect with other researchers and discover their stories. Many doors open automatically or have buttons to open them. Get access to up-to-date news, events, and information about AUT anytime, anywhere. Summer School Interest Only papers 2021. For Summer School 2021, we're offering undergraduate, general education and postgraduate courses across all faculties. The Student Hub is located on each campus. Bring your smartphone (with the AUT app downloaded) to help make the whole process smoother. The ICT Service Desk can help with computers, network, internet, printers and other ICT services. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Study support for Summer School. A number of papers are also taught online (NET), and you might even be eligible for free fees! More information . Summer School is a great chance to take on some extra papers and get a head start on 2021. AUT offers a number of postgraduate programmes you can study fully online in 2021. Learn more. Study options for international students; International House (English language school) Preparing for your trip to New Zealand; When you arrive at AUT (international students) International agents; Contact us; Take the first step. You can access them using your network login and password. Summer School paper selection and enrolments open . 10 December 2021. You can always edit these details at a later point using the Password Help option in ns.aut.ac.nz. 2. ECOOP is Europe’s longest-standing annual Programming Languages conference, bringing together researchers, practitioners, and students to share their ideas and experiences in all topics related to programming languages, software development, object-oriented technologies, systems and applications. Check out our zones, discover our services and maybe win a prize or two! 16 July 2021: 30 July 2021: 17 September 2021: If you add a paper to your enrolment, any additional fees incurred are payable 20 days from when the change of course is … Frequently asked questions for current AUT students, Rainbow (LGBTQIA+) students: services and resources, Wellbeing: physical, mental, sexual and spiritual health, Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of Domestic and International Tertiary Students, Bright Side: community and personal development, Green Impact: team-based sustainability change programme, Food, retail and student spaces on campus, Social connection, loneliness and overcoming homesickness, Online resources for graduate research students, Postgraduate student community and events, Postgraduate forms, policies and processes, Structure and role of the Graduate Research School, Correspondence from the Graduate Research School, Student feedback: Compliments, feedback & complaints, see information on your grades, papers and programmes, check and pay your invoice/s, and outstanding balances. ​Arion is the AUT system students will need when they want to enrol in papers, make fee payments, update personal details or view academic results. AK3724 : Certificate in Social Sciences (CertSocSc) 120.00: No requisite papers specified. NOTE 3 ^ Quarters are the teaching sessions used by Sydney Graduate School of Management, Sydney City Campus and several Schools. Pisa, Italy. The 2021 Public Health Summer School will offer 24 short courses (1–2 days long) presented by an outstanding faculty of public health academics and practitioners. Summer School is a great chance to take on some extra papers and get a head start on 2021. You can access AUT computers from off campus and use specialist software that you may need for your studies. Thesislink offers research advice as well as a place to connect with other researchers and discover their stories. Get access to up-to-date news, events, and information about AUT anytime, anywhere. Experience the summer of a lifetime in 2021 in Cambridge at our award-winning Cambridge Summer School, which provides students from all over the world with the chance to discover authentic student life in colleges of the University of Cambridge. An average student is expected to spend 150 hours per paper each semester: Per week (in a 15-week semester), that’s about: So, an average student might study for about 40 hours per week, which is like having a full-time job. Learn more Further information. The AUT Student Hub is the place to go for help, even while you’re studying from home. You can top up your printing and internet account at self-service kiosks on campus, or online at https://ns.aut.ac.nz. Summer School. View our range of undergraduate, postgraduate and South Campus programme guides. Semester Two courses. Check out all the courses on offer for Summer School 2021. For new students, your default password is your date of birth in ddmmm format, where mmm is the first three letters of your month of birth: eg 03aug. An AT HOP tertiary concession gives eligible students discounted travel using an AT (Auckland Transport) HOP card on public transport around Auckland. International. This site uses cookies. 2. Browse papers by study area to find out about each paper and how to apply. ISSTA 2021 will be held in Aarhus, Denmark, on July 12-16, 2021, co-located … AK3726 : Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Health Science Conjoint Degree (BBus BHSc) 525.00: No requisite papers specified. Summer Schools in Europe Top destination. Visit the Student Hub and chat to a student advisor, Learn from a student ambassador who has 'been there, done that', Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and make a friend, Complete your study-ready checklist in the AUT app, You might have 30-50 hours of class time (like lectures, tutorials, workshops and labs), That leaves 100-120 hours for you to study and do your assignments, 400-480 hours for studying and assignments, PinkLime (sells workbooks for some papers), W = City Campus (located on Wellesley St), A = North Campus (located on Akoranga Drive). Billy Camden, Freddie Whittaker. Late Year Term courses. But if you can’t make it, feel free to have a chat with one of our student ambassadors. The campus atmosphere during Summer School is informal. The project is made up of a 3.45km underground twin-tunnel rail link that is up to 42m below the city centre. Summer School is a great chance to take on some extra papers and get a head start on 2021. Music video by Alice Cooper performing School's Out. Class sizes are small so you can interact with … They can also view their existing jobs via this tool by signing in with their network login and password. Catch up on a missed course, get a head start on your degree or learn something new. There are several online platforms you’ll use regularly while you’re a student here. 5 March 2021: 26 March 2021: 17 September 2021: Semester 2 papers. Key dates. We recommend that you only enrol in one Summer School course as they use an accelerated format and require a high level of self-directed study. Learn more. You could also advance your career by enrolling for a higher qualification, such as a master's degree or graduate certificate. No requisite papers specified. Vision is the most essential ingredient of leadership. Check our page about remote access for details about how to log in remotely. New semester codes: From 2020 the University will change its teaching periods from semesters to trimesters. Aarhus, Denmark. Make the most of Orientation and your time at AUT, by downloading the official AUT app before Orientation. Shuttle buses run between the City and South Campuses, and eligible students can get discounted travel on public transport using an AT HOP card. AUT offers a number of postgraduate programmes you can study fully online in 2021. AK1277 : Bachelor of International Tourism Management (BITM) 360.00: No requisite papers specified. AK3709 : Graduate Diploma in Business (GradDipBus) 120.00: No requisite papers specified. Get campus maps, directions and parking information for each campus: All rooms at AUT have a room code – usually made up of two letters and three numbers, like WG403. You'll need these to login to Arion at https://ari​on.aut.ac.nz​​​. Creative Industries. Summer School is a great chance to take on some extra papers and get a head start on 2021. 1. Find helpful info, tools and resources to support you if you’re not attending Orientation on campus. 30 July 2021. It’s important you know what to expect and are set up for study success. Once you log in, click on the “Click to Register” option. ARDN518 Special Topic. Hours may vary during semester break and Summer School. Wear whatever makes you comfortable during Orientation and once your classes start. Two months from the end of semester 2 to the start of Summer School gives you time to relax. Summer School is a great chance to take on some extra papers and get a head start on 2021. GRAD505 Design Research I. You can change your cookie settings in your web browser at any time. 1 October 2021. AUT's faculties and schools You’ll receive more information about what day to attend. If you are having IT issues or trouble registering your AUT IT account while you’re studying outside NZ, you can use the online form to let us know. Courses vary from small group computer lab classes to interactive workshops and multi-speaker symposiums. Opening hours. At AUT, we want you to succeed in your studies. Our Student Hub can connect you with the Disability Support team if you have a disability or impairment. Early September 2020. Our student ambassadors say jeans and a t-shirt are a typical first-day outfit. Summer School courses: 12 January 2021: 5 February 2021: Semester One courses. 2021 Catalogue of Papers. Top course. Before you can start using any AUT online services, you need to register your IT account. Summer School consists of 10 teaching weeks. AK1289 : Graduate Certificate in Arts (GradCertArts) 60.00: No requisite papers specified. Summer School 2021 begins. Monday to Friday: 8 am to 7 pm Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm Sunday: closed. Double-semester courses (A and B) – Semester Two start. You can change your cookie settings in your web browser at any time. Summer School 2021 course list. 14 May 2021. AUT has shuttle buses which run between the City and South Campuses. You can use AUT computers in Tech Central – some must be booked online ahead of time, but there are some you can use on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. We've got a number of courses in a variety of fields, so there is bound to be something that interests you. 26 March 2021. During Orientation, you’ll attend a range of workshops that focus on giving you the tools and knowledge to achieve academic and study success. Auckland Anniversary Day, Monday 1 February 2021: closed Waitangi Day, Saturday 6 February 2021: closed Waitangi Public … 13 August 2021 . ECOOP welcomes high quality research papers relating to these fields in a broad sense. If you have queries about Summer School 2021, we'd be happy to talk to you. As a new student, you’ll probably want to get familiar with your campus as soon as you can – coming along to Orientation is a great way to do that. The AUT Student Association (AUTSA) will provide a campus kai, but feel free to bring some food with you as it’s a long day. Learn about each school, find course overview information & more. 18 January 2021: 18 January 2021: 3 February 2021: Semester 1 papers. Summer Hours, until 28 February 2021 City Campus Library. International. Summer School is a great chance to take on some extra papers and get a head start on 2021. If you have questions about your course's start or finish date, or its exam dates, contact your faculty or school. There are 12 new courses as well as 12 of our most popular core courses. To change your password for Arion or log out, go to the Options menu.​​. This information might help you get around AUT: There’s parking for mobility cardholders on each campus – make sure you always display your card. AUT - Auckland University of Technology. How to get Microsoft Office 365 (Service Now knowledge base). You’ll need your network login username and password (you can find these on your student ID card). 5 March 2021: 19 March 2021: 7 May 2021: Full year papers. Students can search our IT knowledge base articles for answers or log a request or incident via the link below. AK3453 : Bachelor of Maori Development (BMD) 360.00 : No requisite papers specified. Fri 15th Jan 2021, 16.53 . Cambridge Summer Courses with Oxford Royale Academy. The Catalogue of Papers contains a brief introduction to the subjects and papers to be offered by the University of Waikato. Fri 15th Jan 2021, 15.31 . The information below will help you start learning your way to and around our campuses, from the rooms you'll need to the shuttle buses.